This section is new as from March 2021 so will grow over time. I have decided to add this because both my clients and I have found books that have helped them through their troubles....... I am only including in this section books that I have then read myself so I am happy and sure of the content.... enjoy, I hope you find it useful.

  1. '5 types of people who can ruin your life': Identifying and dealing with narcissists, sociopaths, and other high-conflict personalities' by Bill Eddy

       This book can help you not only understand high conflict personalities but can         also give you guidance and tips of how to negotiate with people of this nature.         It can also give you safe advice on how to leave these relationships if that is               the process you wish to follow. Very readable.

  2. 'Outgrowing the pain' by Eliana Gil

       If you ignore the fact that this book has a very eerie cover it is actually a very             straightforward and structured read for, and about, adults abused as children          (physical, emotional or sexual). It has simplistic (some might say patronising)             layout with some cartoons but that aside it is based on solid facts and                         suggestions about areas such as coming to terms with the abuse and ways to           cope and move forwards. 

  3. 'Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder' by Shari Manning

       This book should really be called 'Communicating with someone who has

       Borderline Personality Disorder'. It is amazingly compassionate about those

       who suffer from this heartbreaking, and sometimes emotionally exhausting 

       personality condition. It also sets out very clear help & guidance for partners, 

       friends, siblings, work colleagues etc who may have to learn to navigate what 

       can be a confusing relationship. I could not recommend it more.