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   I currently offer two workshops for mums; 

Life Satisfaction & Goal Setting

A 3hr workshop that can be delivered in my therapy room or in your own home.

If held in my therapy room it is likely to be people you haven't met before but each group member will be advised that any group work should be kept confidential. It can be an advantage doing the workshop with people you may not know as they can help share thoughts and ideas that may be new to you and help you grow and develop.

If you choose the home option you choose which friends / neighbours / family members / colleagues do it with you (as long as they are all mums)

Each workshop will have a maximum of four people in it so that each participant gains from the


group and the individualized experience.

This workshop incudes the use of  a coaching Satisfaction Wheel, brain storming, goal setting and affirmations.

A follow on (optional) workshop 

Future Self & Vision Boarding

This workshop is also 3hrs long and follows on nicely from the last one and is done with any members of The Life Satisfaction & Goal Setting group you were in. I find this helps with continuation of the supportive and nurturing element within each group. It involves developing a future self document which can then be put on a vision board (a very successful element to reaching goals), along with some further goal setting

Workshops can be held on a weekday morning or afternoon

See 'Costs' header for further info

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