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Menopause Care

Comprehensive Initial Assessment

1hr Initial comprehensive 360 review of any (peri)menopausal symptoms, with discussion re: symptoms / personal and family medical history, current medication, risk review, lifestyle history including work/relationships is carried out.... this will be written up as a full report with plans and recommendations. A copy of this can be sent to your GP at your request with no extra cost.


Cost £150

30min follow up

Ideal for any necessary 3, 6 or 1yr reviews if your GP is unable to do them, or if your prefer your care to be with me.

Cost £60

15min quick query / follow up

Ideal to discuss any blood or other investigation results, medication dosages or similar.

Cost £35

Blood Testing

Blood testing is not often needed but if it is I have affiliate companies that can mean you can do your bloods at home by fingerprick (various clinic sites exist if this is preferable)

Cost varies depending on bloods done.

Referral letters or private prescriptions

I can also help direct and refer for scans etc if needed (in most cases patients can self refer so this may not be needed)


I can generate online private prescriptions using the Clynxx system (you will incur the dispensary costs at your chosen pharmacy and the cost of the individual medicine aswell. Many women will find after a letter of recommendation from me that their GP will do the prescribing on the NHS. (with the exception of testosterone which many GP's won't prescribe)



          Cost £20

CBT for Menopause

Six session package to help hot flushes, sleep, anxiety and  low mood.

Each session lasts 60-90mins

Package costs £450


Works well in small groups (eg your friends / community group), contact me for pricing quote for groups.

The package includes takeaway worksheets....

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