"I personally never considered counselling until my marriage broke down. In hindsight I probably should have started a good bit sooner. I am naturally somebody who doesn't take the time to talk about or even think about my feelings. Talking with Sam regularly over the last few months has genuinely helped"


"I don't know the in's and out's of why it works, but I know that taking an hour every couple of weeks to focus on me and my worries, seems to knock down some mental blocks I have, which makes me mentally feel lighter and braver"


"I know relationships take two to tango, yet wasn't taking care of my own wellbeing, and that has had an impact on those around me. I highly recommend Sam to anybody who's instincts are telling them that something isn't right in their life. No matter what it  is, it's best to start addressing it now so that you have more awareness of your actions and how they affect the happiness of those around you."

WhitesideWellbeing Updated March 2021