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Some feedback from mums:

"Sam has helped me navigate the trials and triumphs that come with being a mum. Over the past two years I have really started to understand what is important to me and for my son. One of the most valuable tools that I constantly refer back to is my vision board. I realised that by nurturing a balance for myself I was becoming the mum I wanted to be for my son" ; single mother of one son.

"I have been seeing Sam for 11months on a fortnightly basis and have found her to be welcoming, approachable, understanding and never judgemental. If you have problems I would recommend counselling with Sam as she creates a safe place, is supportive, compassionate and caring"

"I used to imagine that seeing a counsellor wouldn't be of help to me, that they wouldn't understand the types of problems and situations I have experienced in life, but Sam has helped me come to terms with my past and finding ways and strategies to move forward with confidence"

"WhitesideWellbeing provided me with a positive and comfortable space where I could truly express my true feelings and emotions. I've found that, like most people, my true self is hidden and what I really think and feel is shrouded by a mask that a lot of us wear everyday. In this sense, I never really got to grips with the real me, but I was able to at WhitesideWellbeing and as a result, I'm a happier and more confident person"

"Sam has helped me through one of the hardest periods of my life. She has given me the tools, of which I am still developing, to recognise and understand when I need to stop, reflect and practice some of the skills I've learned. My confidence in myself has increased and she has inspired me to keep trying and never give up. I now look for the blessings in everyday and I smile when I think about how far i've come with Sam's help and support"

"Sam made me feel very comfortable. I came to her when I was deeply in crisis and I always felt held. I always felt heard and respected. Sam helped me to find ways to support myself"

"Sam is a lovely understanding person. She listens and cares. I personally have never been happy with a counsellor over the years until I met Sam. I was  with Sam for a year and would go back in a minute"

"Being a mum over the past couple of years has been especially challenging and even just knowing that I had an appointment booked with Sam was helpful and a relief. Sam has an amazing ability to help me unpick what is worrying me then help me to find solutions or ways to help me cope with the problems"


"I am lucky to have good friends to talk to but talking to Sam is different – she is very skilled at her craft. I leave appointments with a pro-active list of ‘ways to re-think’ situations which are always very helpful and insightful. I feel that my sessions with Sam have helped me to create a sort of mental tool box. I don’t see Sam for regular sessions at the moment but knowing that I can if I need to is really helpful- it feels as if I have a support behind me which is there if I need it" 

"Anyone swithering, wondering whether or not they should work with Sam, I'd say 100% go for it! I had a few sessions, which I struggled at first to 'justify', feeling like I should just soldier on as always, bog girl pants on, suck it up, but there's  nothing 'wrong' with me... but I'm SO glad I did, I walked out of the first session feeling so much lighter, like a physical load had been lifted off me, I remember I felt like that for the rest of the week, it was amazing! I got so much done, made decisions, was more assertive, and was just generally happier at home. Happier mum, happier home!"

"Sam is so kind, thoughtful and insightful, challenging, but not judging. I can't tell you what a difference those few short sessions made"

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