Life can be stressful, it throws so many things at us. 

We can feel so many emotions; confused, distressed , lonely , angry or just 'stuck' with a person or situation and unsure how to move forward. This can happen in our private or worklfe.


Speaking to family, friends or colleagues can help but sometimes it can be useful to speak to someone neutral in a safe, trusting and confidential environment.

Having qualified as a doctor in the Year 2000 and still working as a GP aswell I am very experienced in coping with uncertainty and peoples distress. I am very aware that medication is not always the best option for peoples emotional distress and that is why I chose to train as a Person-Centred Counsellor.

Since starting WhitesideWellbeing I have become an integrative therapist using counselling, coaching and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)  techniques in combination to best meet my clients needs........let me help you in time of need. 

Dr Samantha Whiteside 'Sam'

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  • Therapy rooms in Forres, Moray

  • Internet counselling via confidential 'Zoom' platform

  • Home counselling in special circumstances