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Overwhelmed by an emotional situation in your life such as loss, trauma or crisis?

Stressed trying to find the right balance between your studying/work and family life?

Feeling overwhelmed by the constant need to manage time efficiently; juggling various responsibilities, household chores, childcare and life in general?


Feeling stressed or inadequate due to societal expectations and judgments about parenting choices, appearance, and lifestyle?

Relationships with your spouse/partner, extended family, and friends under strain or in conflict?

Stressed with rising work challenges whilst managing family responsibilities? 

Have you lost your personal aspirations and identity with the demands of mumhood taking over?

Or are you (peri)menopausal and trying to deal with the multiple symptoms that this phase of life can cause? As well as multiple life stressors!

Life as a mum can be stressful, it throws so many things at us no matter what age we are, or what age our children are, whether they are living with us or somewhere else! We can feel so many emotions; confused, distressed , lonely , angry or just 'stuck' with a person or situation in our life and unsure how to move forward. ......... as a doctor (GP & menopause specialist), counsellor and coach, let's see if I can help you improve your life.....

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