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Life can be stressful, it throws so many things at us. 

We can feel so many emotions; confused, distressed , lonely , angry or just 'stuck' with a person or situation and unsure how to move forward.

Speaking to family, friends or colleagues can help but sometimes it can be useful to speak to someone neutral in a safe , trusting and confidential environment.

Having qualified as a doctor in Yr 2000 and still working as a GP I am very experienced in coping with uncertainty and peoples distress. I have become very aware that medication is not always the best option for peoples emotional distress and that is why I chose to train as a Person-Centred Counsellor............let me help you through your time of need 

Currently available:
  • Person-Centred Counselling for aged 16yrs upwards

  • Therapy rooms in Forres, Moray

  • Internet counselling via confidential 'Zoom' platform

  • Home counselling in special circumstances

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