Life as a mum can be stressful, it throws so many things at us no matter what age our children are, whether they are living with us or somewhere else! We can feel so many emotions; confused, distressed , lonely , angry or just 'stuck' with a person or situation in our life and unsure how to move forward. We can often lose our sense of self or the identity we have besides being a mum. This can happen in our home or worklife. Sometimes there can be a poor balance between home and worklife which pushes us to the point of unhappiness, distress or confusion. 


Speaking to family, friends or colleagues can help but sometimes it can be useful to speak to someone neutral. I am a mum of two children and have been a doctor since 2000, still working as a GP both in the NHS and private sector. I am very aware that medication is not always the best option for people's emotional distress and that is why I chose to do Counselling, and then Coaching, training. This combination can help nurture inner peace but also help self-growth thrive.


I am able to offer mums of any age or stage in life a nurturing, safe, compassionate and empowering counselling and/or coaching sessions in a safe and confidential way. I am known for my personable and motivating way of being. I do 1:1 sessions face to face or online  but also run some workshops for mums (see 'Workshops' header)

I counsel a wide variety of areas but have a particular interest and increasing experience in helping mums with relationship difficulties at home or work. This varies from dealing with difficult conversations, support with emotional abuse / coersive control relationships or dealing with the effect that past traumas are having on current relationships.

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Dr Samantha Whiteside 'Sam'

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