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Ongoing professional development;

(peri)menopause learning

June 2024 : Royal College of Psychiatrists training about Mental Health in the peri-menopause and menopause

April 2024 : BMS training update; non-hormonal menopause treatment options, menopause and musculoskeletal health, menopause and mental health

March 2024 : Attendance at Holyrood Insight Menopause in the Workplace Conference

Jan 2024 : BMS training update; pathophysiology of the (peri)menopause, the role of HRT (benefits and risks) and lifestyle medicine for mid-lifers.

Throughout 2023 attended monthly International Menopause Society trainings about various subjects such as bone health, menopause & obesity, breast screening & prevention, vulval health, cardiovascular health in midlife, cognition and mood symptoms of menopause, genitourinary & pelvic floor health

Sept 2023 : BMS training update; breast cancer and HRT, peri-menopause and when to start HRT and urogenital syndrome.

July 2023 : online attendance at BMS annual conference

April 2023 : BMS training update; testosterone prescribing, migraine & HRT, bleeding & progesterones.

March 2023 : BMS CBT course for the management of flushes & sweats

July - October 2022 virtual attendance at 31st BMS Annual Scientific Conference

May 2022 : virtual attendance at British Menopause Society Menopause Cafe event which was six lectures & then a live Q&A session

May 2022 : International Menopause Society IMPART training Levels 1 – 8 online

Counselling & Coaching learning

September 2023 : Brain, Body and Connection Conference:

- Neurodiversity, Trauma and our sensory worlds

- Polyvagal Theory and it's application

- Releasing Trauma through Embodied Practices

January 2022 : began Complex Trauma Certification Training

January 2022 : Breaking The Trauma Bond; Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

October 2021 : Working with the impact of severe trauma

March 2021 : Gambling Addictions training.

March 2021 : Comforting the Bereaved day course.

Feb 2021 : 2day 'Coaching for Counsellors' course, Association for Coaching

Feb 2021 : CBT for Self-Esteem workshop

Jan 2021 : Life Purpose Life Coach Certification (Accredited)

Oct 2020 : Introductory training in Psychosexual Problems

Sept 2019 : Transforming Psychological Trauma : Skills Training

June 2019 : Self-Image in Eating Disorders - Across the Age Range

Aug 2018 : Bowlby's Attachment Theory & Lifelong Relationships

May 2018 : Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Nov 2017 : Mental Health First Aid for Adults

May 2017 : Working with Borderline Personality Disorder

May 2017 : Treating Intrusive Thoughts & Critical Inner Voice

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